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Hello everyone! With Santa being extremely busy this year filling… 
12th-Dec-2005 02:19 pm
Hello everyone! With Santa being extremely busy this year filling out rebate cards, Mrs.Claus on the phone to technical support for the sleigh, and the elves working feverishly to meet demands, the reindeer have decided to put a hoof in to make things run smoother. They're fielding santa e-mails this year, due to some interesting technology the snow men have come up with, the reindeer can now write back to children e-mailing Santa. Thats right. The snowmen never EVER fail to amaze us. NorthPoleReindeer@gmail.com are standing by! Yes, Prancer, Dancer, Dasher, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen are all waiting for good girls and boys to send in requests and will all get an individualized response before Christmas! Please make sure your child put in his or her first name only, and the reindeer they'd like to have answer back along with, of course, their request!

This is totally free of course.

Have a merry Christmas!
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