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Hello. My name is Brianna. I'm 21 and my husband is 23. I need your help with some ideas. You see, he's turning 24 on August 26th. We have an 8 month old and another one on the way (I'm about 7 weeks pregnant). We are also pretty broke at the moment. So, what are some ideas that I can do for him for his birthday? I'm looking for goofy or romantic or anything actually. Just some cheap, good ideas. (By the way, he is a romantic and isn't working that day or the day before at all, but keep in mind we do have the baby unless I get a sitter).

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Hello. Thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Brianna. I'm 21. My husband's name is Daniel. We have an almost 8 month old son named Gavin and we just found out yesterday that another one's on the way (yay!). So, hi everyone! :D

Hi hi...

Hi! I'm newbie in blogging. I'm a mother to 3 girls, the pic in my userpic are my 2 little "monsters", Janelle & Janette. They are 5 & 3 years old this year. I have not load up my baby angel, Janesse, pic yet, she's turning 3 month old in a few days time.

I'm picking up bookscraping as my new hobby... still trying to figure myself with the software in the digital scrapping though... they could be so confusing!
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I am new to the community  and so I say "Hi!"

I have been married nearly 5 years. My husband is in the Navy. We have a 5 year old son. I am a stay-at-home-mom. I read A LOT and watch little t.v., but enjoy House,CSI and The Office. I am a pretty good cook, when I do it. I LIVE in my jeans and t-shirts. I will clean the potty before the dishes(no idea why). So, that me. I am not exciting, but at 30 year old I have had enough of excitiment. I want comfortable.
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this is a great forum i found outside of GJ that has a wonderful group of ladies! it's for ttc'ers, pregnancy, moms, step-moms and all those in between! they even have a fun arcade!
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Hello everyone! With Santa being extremely busy this year filling out rebate cards, Mrs.Claus on the phone to technical support for the sleigh, and the elves working feverishly to meet demands, the reindeer have decided to put a hoof in to make things run smoother. They're fielding santa e-mails this year, due to some interesting technology the snow men have come up with, the reindeer can now write back to children e-mailing Santa. Thats right. The snowmen never EVER fail to amaze us. are standing by! Yes, Prancer, Dancer, Dasher, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen are all waiting for good girls and boys to send in requests and will all get an individualized response before Christmas! Please make sure your child put in his or her first name only, and the reindeer they'd like to have answer back along with, of course, their request!

This is totally free of course.

Have a merry Christmas!

Lunchbox Ideas

I'm looking for some creative lunch ideas for my kids at school.

Zach, who's 8 will eat JUST about anything at this point, but my Brooklyn, who's 5 is still very very picky. Since school started we've been having a heck of a time getting her to eat a lunch while at school.

She takes a home lunch most days because she doesn't like most of the hot lunches offered but what worries me is that she's barely eating the packed lunches either. I'm trying to be sure to only send things I know she likes and send a variety of things, but nothing is hardly being eaten. There's been a few days I look and not a single, single bite has been eaten from a sandwhich, or 1 bite from the bannanna, and so on.

Yesterday I was frustrated so I went to taco bell and transferred it into her lunchbox and took it to her, of coarse it appears to have been the most successful...ugh!

Ideas? I'm looking for easy, kid friendly, intriguing lunch ideas...please!

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My name is Sydney. I've been married 18yrs and I'm 36 yrs. old. I live in MT and I have 2 Children, daughter age 16 and son age 14. My hobbies are crafts, singing, graphics, reading, writing and research. My favorite color is red. I'm a stay at home mom and our kids are homeschooled.

Thanks, Syd.
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